arcVision Prize 2014 – Women and Architecture Catalogue


The catalogue presents the second edition of the arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture.




 2014 Edition

After the extraordinary success of the first edition, won by Brazilian architect Carla Juaçaba, arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture, the Italcementi Group’s international architecture award, is returning for the second year. The prize recognizes female designers whose work incorporates technological innovation, sustainability and culture in a harmonious combination of function and style. The Prize highlights women’s achievements in contemporary world architecture by focusing on the qualities a modern designer needs for an original approach in developing advanced, non-conventional solutions, and a sharper, more mature sensitivity to the human and social context.

The arcVision Prize – an initiative inspired by the Italcementi entrepreneurial vision – recognizes the innovation and sustainability of the projects and constructions presented, with a special focus on the standards of technological innovation, environmental quality, cost-effective use of resources, social responsibility, functional and aesthetic research. New design concepts, different approaches to materials and construction processes, conservation of the natural environment, care for local cultural values.

Narrated through the professional experience of female designers from all over the world, who have brought techniques, aesthetic sensitivities and different colors from all over the world. A female vision of architecture as it changes and molds itself to today’s new social and human models.”

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