TRIENNALE DI MILANO: No Danger! Buildings and Safety


2 May – 1 September 2013.

Italcementi and Triennale di Milano: an exhibition revealing the links between the world of construction and the issues of safety.

senza pericolo manifestoIn this exhibition, La Triennale di Milano focuses on education, shifting the centre of attention to the cultural level through the training of workers, employers, professionals and the person in the street.

 From 2 May to 1 September at Triennale di Milano. No Danger! Buildings and Safety

Curated by Federico Bucci and with the display design by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, the exhibition consists of nine sections: Residential Areas, Reconstruction, Invisible Machines, Workspaces + Men and Women at Work, Architecture and Surveillance, Personal Protection Equipment, A New Safe City, Safety Landscapes.

The exhibition reveals the links between the world of construction and the issues of safety. It does so by starting out from the original meaning, which already appeared in classical architectural treatises, expressed by the concept of “sine periculo” (literally “without danger”). This is the responsibility that the designer and patron of the architectural work shoulder with regard to accidents affecting those who work on its construction, future inhabitants and the surrounding environment.

Safety has always been an issue of utmost importance within Italcementi Group. The Zero Accidents project, which aims at the identification of safety as a core business value by developing a substantive corporate safety culture and effective employee awareness, contributed to reducing the frequency of workplace accidents by approximately 75% over ten years.

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