Carla Juaçaba Millennium Meetings with Architecture. Second Edition

 Bergamo, 12 April 2013

Carla Juaçaba Lecture Millennium: Humanidade 


Born in 1976, since 2000, Carla Juaçaba developed her independent practice of architecture and research based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her office is currently engaged in both public and private projects, focusing on housing and cultural programs.

Since undergraduate student she worked with the architect Gisela Magalhães of the Niemeyer’s generation, mostly in the area of exhibitions related to the Brazilian native arts and historical museums. During her first year after college (2000) she worked jointly with another architect Mario Fraga on the project named “Atelier House”. Following that, a series of projects have been conceived such as the “Rio Bonito house” (2005), the “Varanda House”(2007), the “Minimum House” (2008),“Santa Teresa House” in its final stage (2012), and a couple of exhibition design. Current works includes the ephemeral pavilion conceived with the senior scenographer and theather director Bia Lessa, “Humanidade2012” for Rio+20, the recent international meeting held in Rio de Janeiro. And also tow houses on the outskirt of Rio. Carla Juaçaba is constantly a part of the academic and teaching realms, as well as research studies, lectures, biennales, exhibitions and recently was the Jury at BIAU Bienal Ibero Americana in Madrid (2012). She is currently teaching at FAU-PUC RJ Pontifícia Universidade Católica. Her work is focused on an intrinsic issue of the discipline: the poetics of tectonics, and its expressive potentiality.

EDUCATION 1999 Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Urbanism, Santa Ursula University in Rio de Janeiro. 2004 Post graduated course on structure, Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro.

COMPETITIONS 2012 National Competition for the Olimpic Golf Rio de Janeiro 2010 National Competition for the new Environment Museum Rio de Janeiro 2008 UIA International Competition Torino 2003 Nam June Park Museum competition Korea 2000 1st prize CSN na Construção Civil Graduation Project Competition

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