Ines Lobo Millennium meeting with architecture. Second Edition

Bergamo, 9th April

Lecture by INES LOBO, winner of 2014 arcVision Prize


Ines Lobo, a graduate of the Technical University of Lisbon (FAULT, 1989) established her own architecture office in 2002.  She combines professional practice with teaching at the Autonoma University in Lisbon. In her architecture, building conversion plays an important role, giving her an opportunity to free herself from the pre-constituted models of classic Modernism. Among her outstanding projects, many of which are in the public realm and located in Portugal, is the Art and Architecture Faculty in Evora, where annexes were substituted with new construction and the courtyard newly configured. Taking inspiration from the existing industrial architecture and its systems, she defined strategies to employ in the new construction, yet her work is clearly contemporary, informed by the past, but looking toward the future. In the office building for the headquarters of Ferreira Construction, she balanced the existing building, green space and the new construction. Using translucent material to manage the light entering the new building she creates an interesting façade that changes throughout the hours of day and night. She is precise, very skilled in terms of her use of materials and the combination of materials.  Although her buildings may seem understated, they are extremely powerful in terms of geometry and radical in their approach. The jury spoke of the rich counterpoint that she establishes between existing buildings and the new additions she creates. The jury highlighted the integrity and authenticity of her works. Her buildings reflect her independent and free approach to architecture, as creator of social spaces.



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