Angela Deuber Millennium Meeting with architecture. Second Edition

Bergamo, 17th April

Lecture ANGELA DEUBER, Winner of the 2015 arcVision Prize Women and architecture 

Angela Deuber


June 6, 1975 – Bad Kissingen (Germany), Swiss Nationality
Angela Deuber graduated in Architecture from the ETH in Zürich in 2002 and founded her own office in Chur (Grisons, Switzerland) in 2006. From 2007 until 2010 she taught at the ETH in Zürich and was appointed lecturer at Lucerne University in 2012. Her first works have aroused considerable attention and exhibit a clear commitment to the culture of construction; defined by a willful architectural character possessing a strong material and tectonic identity. Most of her projects have public character and are located in Switzerland. Among her projects is a School Building in Thal, Canton of St. Gallen (2009-13) and the conversion of a late medieval house in Stuls, Grisons (2009-12). Although completely different, both projects showcase the architect’s skill in mediating the requirements of the brief to produce buildings that are unique and powerful. Her projects respond to the challenges of the 21st century offering economical solutions coupled with maximum flexibility. They are precise in thought and execution, creating enduring and timeless architecture.


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