arcVision Prize 2013 – Women and Architecture Catalogue


The arcVision Prize 2013 – Women and Architecture catalogue presents the first edition of the social award for female designers instituted by Italcementi. 



 2013 Edition

From 2013 the Prize aimed at recognizing every year a female architect whose research and design work displays significant qualitative excellence and attention to the core issues of construction—technology, sustainability, social and cultural implications—with preference for women working in conditions of particular complexity in terms of type of project and local conditions.

The arcVision Prize is intended as a contribution to the development of a sustainability culture sensitive to women and to women’s specific approach to architecture, with special attention to people, the town and the environment. Contemporary architecture has fostered the development of an increasingly important role for female designers. The emergence of new female architects is one of the most interesting social and cultural trends in project design in the construction sector.



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