April 7th 2016

Cazu Zegers | Territorio Poetico
millennium zegersThursday April 7th 2016

12.00 pm
Politecnico di Milano 
Edificio Trifoglio, T.1.3
Via Bonardi, 9





Photo credits: Pedro Quintana


Santiago de Chile (CHILE), November 18th 1958 Since 1990, Cazú has worked as an independent architect. The character of the Cazú Zegers studio is defined by the varying scales of her projects: from the object (micro) to the territory (macro) or from the territory to the object. She has explored different areas of architectonic design, from designing objects – lighting and furniture – to territorial planning and cultural management through the “El Observatorio Lastarria Foundation”, where she developed investigative projects in different artistic fields. She is a renowned lecturer, in Chile and abroad. Her artistic method focuses on the crossover between poetry and the territory, which generates a gesture, a figure, and a form, setting a new cultural landscape through architecture. This has been a legacy in her teaching. Her ideas remain imprinted in the minds of her students. She has taught at the University of Talca, also in workshops at The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC) and at the University del Desarrollo. Cazú Zegers’ projects create distinctive architecture, expressed mainly in residential projects and others such as the Capilla del Espíritu Santo (Holy Spirit Chapel), the Centro Cultural Alcalde Juan Estay (Major Juan Estay Cultural Center ), ruralization projects such as Kawelluco, multicultural projects such as the Arenales Ski Center and the Pewenche Route, where she works with local indigenous communities to create projects based on their world vision. Her work also includes hotels: the Tierra Patagonia Hotel project is the best known example of how she develops a contemporary language with the curves of the wood, looking for new architectonic shapes based on the relationship between poetry and architecture in the South American territory.

Incontri Millennium is a series of lectures organized with Italy’s leading universities, where the top names in contemporary architecture meet students aspiring to be the architects of the future. The goal of Incontri Millenniumis to articulate the technological quality of cement with the aesthetic dimensions of today’s great masters and Italy’s young students. For the initiative, which began in 1997, Italcementi has involved the leading university faculties of architecture and the most distinguished names in the profession.

After a reflection on the lecture of Alvar Aalto, Incontri Millennium has gradually examined the design worlds and poetics of Richard Meier, Enric Miralles, Dominique Perrault, Steven Holl, Raimund Abraham, Nicholas Grimshaw, Mario Botta, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen and Frank O. Gehry, Peter Eisenmann, Eric Owen Moss, Boris Podrecca, Patrick Tighe, Rocco Yim and Atsushi Kitagawara. Thanks to Incontri Millennium, more than 10,000 students have had the opportunity for a direct encounter with the cultural values and imprint of today’s leading architects.


PhotoCredits Hotel Tierra Patagonia: photographers Pia Vergara, Morten Andreson, James Florid, Christian Spies; Whisper House: photographers Isabel Fernandez, Ana Maria Lopez + Emerald House: photographer Cristobal Palma; Kawelluco Rulralisation: Carpa house – photographer Carlos Eguiguren, Cube House, Barn House e Cascara House – photographer Guy Wenborne.

Cazú Zegers – Nominees arcVision Prize 2016

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