i.idro MARINE CONCRETE for Venice’s MOSE system: a durable marine concrete mix with a service life of over 200 years.

mose bn trovabordiThe MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, Experimental Electromechanical Module) is an integrated system consisting of rows of mobile gates installed at the Lagoon inlets to defend Venice and its entire ecosystem from high tides. It is one of the most important hydraulic engineering projects ever achieved and involves a workforce of around 3,000 people (directly or indirectly). The MOSE’s mobile gates are at the heart of an extensive system of infrastructures combining the physical defense of the lagoon towns from high waters with the restoration and environmental rehabilitation of the lagoon environment. This is the most impressive program of protection , recovery and rehabilitation of the environment that the Italian State has ever undertaken, a commitment that is being implemented on a systematic and coordinated approach by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Venice Water Authority through the Consorzio Venezia Nuova. The realization of the MOSE system will require a supply of about 220,000 cubic meters of concrete, a certainly impressive quantity which highlights the use of high-performance concretes for specific applications.

Calcestruzzi (a company of the Italcementi Group) has participated in the Mose project with the supply of i.idro MARINE CONCRETE, a concrete for specific applications specially developed for marine environments or exposure to the corrosive action of sea or air. When immersed in sea water the product is able to withstand a variety of corrosive actions such as those exerted by chlorides and sulfates, or the mechanical forces generated by sea waves and the consequent corrosion occurring at the waterline. The specific formulation developed for the MOSE can guarantee a service life of over 200 years. The boxes containing the bulkheads – each measuring imposing 60 x 35 meters – are made with i.idro Marine Concrete reinforced with steel bars. To cope with the high quantities required by the work, Calcestruzzi has installed a concrete batching plant consisting of 2 mobile units on the coast of the island of Pellestrina within the work site. The product is mixed in a continuous loop in the mixer trucks and after a short ride poured directly into the boxess. Once cured, the boxes are placed directly into the into the sea for the realization of the project.





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