5 February 2015

Third edition of arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture presented in Milan, at La Triennale.


22 projects from 17 countries and every continent, a revealing snapshot of contemporary female architecture

This year’s award involves the cooperation of WE-Women for Expo, the Expo Milano 2015 project set up to create a worldwide network of women to Feed the planet

The third edition of arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture was presented today in Milan, at La Triennale. The initiative is an international architecture award set up by Italcementi Group in 2013 to promote women whose work introduces innovative theoretical and practical design in the architectural field, with a specific focus on social values. Growing numbers of women are taking a prominent role in contemporary architecture, with projects that place particular emphasis on economic and cultural conditions, citizens’ needs, human relations, the creation of environments tailored to local residents. Italcementi Group wants to foster this trend to become a growing reality in the architecture community.

In the year that Milan is hosting the World Fair, for its third edition arcVision Prize wanted to involve the ambassadors of WE-Women for Expo,” said Italcementi CEO Carlo Pesenti. “We believe that ‘good architecture’ combines creative and technical capabilities, but also imagination, emotions, the heart. Qualities that women know how to project, filling their daily activities – as actresses, athletes, business leaders, architects  – with meaning and sensitivity.”
ArcVision Prize,” added Pesenti “recognizes innovative, sustainable and social ideas and projects that incorporate beauty and functionality in construction and housing. The award puts the spotlight on a ‘feminine’ vision of architecture combining technology and environment, materials and form, style and efficiency to regenerate the city and the community.”

Italcementi and architecture, but also Italcementi and Expo. Many shared values lie behind the award’s cooperation with WE-Women for Expo, an Expo Milano 2015 project in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation and the Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori. The World Fair has always been a lever for the development of the Italcementi Group’s scientific research: from the silver medal at the Paris Expo in 1867, to the Italian Pavilion in transparent cement at Expo Shanghai 2010, and now the new biodynamic cement for Palazzo Italia at Expo Milano 2015.

The commitment of arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture is an important example of recognition of female talent in architecture, which WE-Women for Expo wholeheartedly supports,” said Marta Dassù, Executive President of WE-Women for Expo. “Furthermore, arcVision Prize – Women and Architecture promotes international dialogue among different professions, a crucially important factor at the heart of the WE-Women for Expo project.”

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