FuoriSalone 2014: Italcementi at INTERNI FEEDING with ENtreePIC


8th-13th April 2014

During the Milano Design Week, at the 2014 FuoriSalone, the Nemesi&Partners firm with Italcementi and Styl-Comp presents “ENtreePIC” a six meters high installation that recall the pattern of the Palazzo Italia external structure, the heart of the Italian Pavilion, for 2015 Expo.

Cortile d’Onore.

Installation ENtreePIC (10 x 6 x h 6 m) project NEMESI&PARTNERSMichele Molè, Susanna Tradati produced by ITALCEMENTI GROUP and STYL-COMP GROUP. The installation is a sculptural composition that evokes a botanical system featuring a branching pattern, whose fragmented and chaotic design generates an entropic-morphic system. This system is made with innovative materials and technologies developed by Italcementi and Styl-Comp, the partners of Nemesi for the project of the Palazzo Italia, the symbolic heart of the Italian Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015. The branching pattern of the installation suggests the primitive and at the same time high-tech figuration of the ‘skin’ of the “Palazzo Italia”. The material shaped is cement with a pale color, a premixed cement whose composition of aggregates has been designed to convey a warm, vibrant materic impact. The interweaving of lines and fragments generates alternation of lights and shadows, empty and full zones, giving rise to a natural architecture, like imagining a forest in which to get lost or to find one’s way. A piece of artificial landscape and architecture, a preview and first segment of the great mosaic that will go into the upcoming “Palazzo Italia” designed by Nemesi&Partners for Expo Milano 2015; the model scale 1:50 is on display in the Hall of the Aula Magna.



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