Roberto Morisi and Roland Gantes


Roberto Morisi


Born in Arona in 1945, he graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1969 and since 1970 directs his own professional studio, which works mainly at national level. Since the beginning of the professional activity focuses his work on commercial-administrative spaces, in particular with projects of new construction and redevelopment of office space.
In addition to the tertiary sector, over the years has faced several issues including: hotel complexes, buildings for services and centers for research and industry. Along with the architectural design, carries out several activities in the construction, the Planning and Urban Design, technical and economic feasibility studies, also dealing with Technical Consulting for professionals and the due-diligence for real estate investors. In recent years, his design work has been oriented to the issues of environmental sustainability and energy conservation, becoming the core business activities promoted by the PRP Srl of which he is the Technical Director.

Roland Gantes


Born in Venice in 1926, where he graduated in Architecture in 1949. Has practiced in Trieste until 1952. He moved to Milan where he opened a studio and specializes in concrete constructions at the Polytechnic. From 1956 to 1975 alongside Luigi Moretti designs impressive buildings in Italy, United States of America and Canada.
At the same time designs numerous buildings and complexes in the city, in the lakes and the Riviera. From 1970 to 1985 leads extraordinary professional experience in Algeria, first with Moretti, following with IN.CO. (Silvano Zorzi), creating works of great scope and all fields in many cities and regions of the country. Also plans in many Arab countries, South East Asia, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland. In the course of his business develops many different aspects of the design: from prefabrication to urbanism and interior design, competing primarily with issues related to large architectural complexes. From 1985 to now performs mainly in Italy devoting themselves to works of significant architectural quality particularly in the area of buildings for the service industry

PRP architettura Studio

Vodafone Village


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