Why arcVision.org?


Why arcVision.org? Why a new architectural portal? Perhaps because arcVision.org is not an architectural portal, but a platform offering comprehensive review and deeper insight into the built environment.

Issues related to the world of Architecture are traditionally dealt with on a sectoral basis through specific theoretical and research approaches.

arcVision.org intends to offer a multidisciplinary pattern to talk about architecture, not only in terms of projects but also of materials, engineering solutions, economics, creative energy and created objects, owners and final users, social growth and cultural awareness, urban development processes and territorial/environmental actions.

arcVision.org aims to provide a structured approach guiding users through a wealth of architectural knowledge to encounter subjects, topics, links and categories.

A permanent work-in-progress, a quick and easy notebook, an invitation to get to know each other and exchange views, thus contributing to collecting information and sharing knowledge.

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