i.land Opening


31 August 2012.
Ribbon-cutting ceremony for i.land, the innovative ornamental/agricultural park surrounding the i.lab, Italcementi’s research and innovation center.

i.land 3i.land derives from the desire to merge Richard Meier’s architecture with local culture and geography, innovation with the authentic tradition of the Bergamo area, which in modern terms becomes sustainability, biodiversity and zero food miles.

It is from the very strength of the land and its environment that the project nourished and enhanced itself from inception to development. Not only does i.land have an ornamental value, it also has a significance in terms of production and preservation of endangered varieties. It is an innovative example of landscape projects whereby the typical ornamental features of industrial areas can go hand-in-hand with areal agricultural activity that pays particular attention to tradition, territorial aspects, eco-and food sustainability, interpreted with a design that reflects the local agricultural landscape.

The project design phase has followed a compositional and stylistic approach based on criteria specifically focused on energy saving and LEED certification, to create a work that respects the environment and is under the banner of ecosustainability. Gardening works were assigned to a social co-operative that is engaged in providing employment opportunities to people in difficulty.

Press Release i.land

Technical sheet i.land (ita)


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