Italcementi Foundation Annual Meeting “Mending and Regeneration”

Bergamo, January 24, 2015

Italcementi Foundation Annual Meeting “Mending and Regeneration. A New Renaissance for the Urban Fabric”. Opening the meeting will be a preview of architect Renzo Piano’s manifesto.


Saturday 24 January 2015, 10h00
Fair of Bergamo
Mending and Regeneration. A New Renaissance for the Urban Fabric

“We are an extraordinary and beautiful country, but also a very fragile one. Landscape is fragile and cities are fragile, especially the suburbs. Actually, it is the suburbs that will become the city of the future, where human energy is concentrated and which we pass on to our children.
We need a huge work of mending and we need ideas.”                                                                                         (Renzo Piano)

The Italcementi Foundation Annual Meeting will move from these considerations–and from a manifesto by architect and senator Renzo Piano which will be premiered on the occasion of the conference–that annual meeting of the Italcementi, bringing together some of the key thinkers in the area of the analysis, design and implementation of policies and initiatives to regenerate the city and enhance the urban suburbs. To discuss and promote the vision needed to trigger the new Renaissance, redefining the fabric of the city and includinge those social classes currently suffering the drawbacks of the urbanization process.





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