TRIENNALE DI MILANO: Luca Meda. The joy of designing


8th  May – 8th June 2014

La Triennale di Milano presents Luca Meda: the joy of designing, an exhibition curated by Nicola Braghieri, Rosa Chiesa, Chiara Meda and Sofia Meda, which will be open to the public from 8 May to 8 June 2014. 

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday
10.30 AM – 8.30 PM
10.30 AM – 11.00 PM Ticket
6,00 / 5,00 / 4,00 Euro

MEDA 29 04 14Both a grounded practitioner and a successful artist, Luca Meda was a leading figure of Italian industrial design and architecture for thirty years. His household objects accompanied the most critical, decisive years of Italian design with vibrant discretion. The rational architecture he designed at age 25 with his friends in the studio they opened on Corso di Porta Vigentina in Milan made an indelible mark on entire generations. The remarkable structures sketched toward the end of his life shed new light on this diversified group, too often categorized by superficial and biased labels.

Between the 1960s and ‘90s Luca Meda gave shape and form to society’s rapid transformation and its urgency for profound renewal, as well as his own affection for traditions of the past. They were thirty years marked by passion and candid brilliance, in which the younger generations’ values introduced new forms of expression and industry rebuilt the values of Italy’s manufacturing tradition.

Luca Meda was wise, innovative, broadminded, and artistically gifted. He knew how to fruitfully bridge the world of production with that of the figurative arts. His drawings sublimely illustrate the strong bond that tied business culture to the inventiveness of its craftsmen, architects, and artists.

Italcementi and Triennale: Press Release Luca MEDA

Press Release Triennale Luca Meda



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