Cloudscraper. A century of skyscrapers in Milan – An Historical-Critical Seminar

Thursday, November 20, 2014

the Polytechnic University of Milan, Rogers Hall , via Bonardi 3 , Milan

9:30 to 13:30

Ilaria Valente, Dean of the School of Architecture & Society , Gabriele Pasqui , Director DAStU , Kelly Russell , Riccardo Catella Foundation , Alessandra Cup , curator of the exhibition “Cloudscraper”.

Invito convegno Grattanuvole

Session I: The skyscraper in Milan , between futurist expectations and tradition

with prof. Giovanna D’Amia

The Spire by Francesco Croce , the first skyscraper in Milan – P. Panza

The design of the SKNE skyscraper by Piero Portaluppi – R. Dulio

The “Centro Direzionale di Milano” business district dream – G. Piccarolo

The skyscraper in a room. Arturo Danusso and the small-scale models of the towers in Milan – G. Blacks

Which tradition? American myth and Milanese culture – L. Tenconi

Session II: The skyscraper in Milan, urban, typological definition and peculiarities

with prof . Marco Biraghi

The great Milan: the towers beyond the walls – P. Galuzzi

Technological innovation, energy saving and envelope – M. Tapes

High-performance concrete in skyscraper construction – S. Cangiano

Vertical Forest, Diamond, Isozaki Tower: special devices- L. Buzzoni

“High” Milan. Urban routes to explore the city that changes – F. Ferrari

Discussion and presentation of the book by A. and V. Pizzigoni Sumini , Spirituality and Acquaintances in Engineer Work, bublished by Christian Marinotti, 2014.


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