Italcementi with Seci1981 wins Assorel for Public Relations First Prize

December 3, 2014, Milan

Italcementi with Seci1981 wins Assorel for Public Relations First Prize for the Best Corporate Communication with the arcVision Prize 2014 – Women and Architecture, an international architecture award for women that celebrates the company’s 150 anniversary. The award is part of the International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix.

On December 2nd, 2014, the awards ceremony of the 17th “Premio Assorel for Public Relations”, took place at Magazzini Generali in Milan, in the context of the International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix, the award dedicated to the most innovative and effective techniques of connected marketing: digital, promo, direct, events, real time marketing and PR.

The Italcementi’s arcVision Prize 2014 – Women and Architecture, with Seci1981 won the first prize in the Corporate Communication category which comprises: communication campaigns whose aim is to increase the visibility and/or defend the company’s reputation and that of its shareholders (management, shareholder ownership), and campaigns of strategic positioning and/or repositioning (mission and values), anniversaries, change management, crisis communication, litigation PR.

In 2014, the GrandPrix has signed a major partnership with “Premio Assorel”, the authoritative Italian Award that since 1997 has been rewarding the best Public Relations campaigns. The goal of the collaboration, unique in its kind, is to build a common in-depth cultural pattern for PR industry in the context of integrated and multi-channel communication, in which the GrandPrix has always been a strong and effective reference point for the entire market of connected marketing.

The jury
In order to emphasize the union between two complementary realities such as ‘The market’ and ‘The techniques of connected marketing,’ the Award brought together the protagonists of corporate marketing and academic world, who selected the entries addressing market needs and focusing on the industrial sector to which the products in competition belong. They were joined by independent sector specialists who focused their attention on the connected marketing techniques used.


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