ENtreePIC arrives at Castello Sforzesco


14th May 2014

Meeting the ENtreePIC and discover the “secrets” of Palazzo Italia, 2015 EXPO. 

Wednesday 14th May 2014 6:00 pm
Piazza delle Armi
Sforzesco Castle, Milan

Cristina Tajani – Councilor for Labor Policy , Economic Development, University and Research Municipality of Milan
Filippo Del Corno – Councillor for Culture Municipality of Milan
Carlo Pesenti – Italcementi Group CEO
Michele Molè – Nemesis & Partners, author of architectural design Italian Pavilion
Sergio Zambelli – Styl-Comp, Managin Director
Gilda Bojardi – INTERNI Magazine, Director

The Italian Pavilion will be the throbbing heart of Expo 2015. The architectural design, by Nemesi & Partners, envisages the construction of a complex structure whose exterior and some interior spaces recall the shapes of branches in a thick forest.


The entire outdoor surface and part of the interiors will consist of i.active BIODYNAMIC cement panels, obtained using Styl-Comp technology from the new material developed at i.lab for “Palazzo Italia”, the heart of Italcementi’s research and innovation. The product’s name is a summary of its innovative characteristics. The “bio” component is given by the product’s photocatalytic properties, originating from the active ingredient TX Active, patented by Italcementi. In direct sunlight, the active principle contained in the material “captures” certain pollutants present in the air and converts them into inert salts, helping to purify the atmosphere from smog. Additionally, the mortar is made from 80% recycled aggregates, part of which consist of scraps from the cutting of Carrara marble, and therefore provide a superior brilliance compared to traditional white cements. The “dynamic” component is a specific characteristic of the new material, whose particular fluidity allows the creation of complex shapes like those found in the Palazzo Italia panels. Thanks to its high workability, i.active BIODYNAMIC is able to penetrate in the frameworks, designed one by one and manufactured by Styl-Comp, and form the final design of the panel, ensuring an extraordinary surface quality.

Technical sheet




in collaboration with STYL-COMP

A sculptural composition in biodynamic cement that evokes a branching botanical system marked by a fragmented, chaotic design. The particular entropic-morphic structure is made with the innovative materials and technologies that will form the ‘skin’ of the Palazzo Italia for Expo 2015, designed by Nemesi&Partners. The material is biodynamic cement in a pale shade, the result of the Italian research of Italcementi, a premixed organic photocatalytic compound whose composition produces a warm, vibrant materic image.




AW_Marchi Famiglia_BROCHURE

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