16th July – 31th August 2014 

Triennale di Milano presents RE-FORMING MILAN a didactic and research initiative for the requalification of abandoned and underutilized buildings, spaces and facilities in the Milan metropolitan area.

Reforming milan5Opening hours
Tuesday – Sunday
10.30 AM – 8.30 PM
10.30 AM – 11.00 PM
Ticket Free

The well-established partnership between Italcementi, Triennale di Milano, leading universities and institutions in contemporary architecture, along with the Re-forming Milan initiative, fostered significant dialogue and exchange between the main sector actors and the public, towards a sustainable transformation of the urban environment. The exhibition features more than 100 projects outlining scenarios, often alternative or temporary, for future functional reuse, technological upgrading and reconversion of architectural assets that are relevant for urban size and density. The initiative was sponsored by the School of Architecture and Society and the Department for Planning, Private Building, Agriculture of the Municipality of Milan.

Various laboratories and design courses have explored the possibility of revamp public and private areas and buildings which have decayed or been abandoned and neglected. The proposed projects operate on various scales and  various disciplinary areas―urban planning, urban design and architecture, technology, rehabilitation and restoration. Some specific insights, thematic or disciplinary, have been realized through photographic survey, developed in specific courses.

Italcementi press Release TRIENNALE Re-forming Milan



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