FuoriSalone 2009: Italcementi at INTERNI Design Energies with Mario Cucinella and a dream home


21 – 27 April 2009. Building an inexpensive house in line with environmental sustainability. That’s the concept behind the partnership between Italcementi and architect Mario Cucinella.

casa 100kEthical architecture to integrate environmental and social needs

The installation “A dream home” in the University of Milan courtyard is part of the 100K€ House housing project by Mario Cucinella and Italcementi Group. Italcementi supports this ambitious and innovative housing project by providing cutting edge solutions for new energy effincency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The eco-friendly “low cost” housing project is ambitious and innovative. Italcementi supports it creating new materials which guarantee the energy efficiency of the building and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The courtyard of honour at the University in Milan provides the backdrop for the installation (6.70x6x6.20 meters) which is made from the best and most recent results to research and innovation: the smog-eating cement TX Active® now well established on the market which is used today to cover the installation of the 100K€ House at the FuoriSalone, an innovative thermal product specifically made for the 100K€ House and a new “transparent” cement. These are three new building materials for architects and designers, especially designed for “good building” practices that take into account both the aesthetic and environmental aspects of building.

The 100K€ House can be personalized with a choice of elements, to translate housing needs and preferences into tailored spatial solutions. Non-standardized prefabrication, with lightweight structural elements and mobile fittings including sliding, curved walls and monoblock enclosure systems, permits personalization of the house’s external and internal appearance. An open approach that lets each user plan and build a home of their own.

The “environment-friendly house” is designed to combine energy savings and reduce financial outlay, thanks to its photovoltaic panels that produce sufficient energy for the occupants’ needs. The energy capabilities of the 100K€ Home are assured by the “thermal cement” especially developed for this project by Italcementi and that guarantees, all year round, a more comfortable climate than traditional cements.


Mario Cucinella graduated from the Genoa University Architecture Faculty in 1987 and founded MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects in Paris in 1992 and in Bologna in 1999. His work has always shown a special focus on themes connected with environmental planning and sustainability in architecture. Among his outstanding achievements are the SIEB-Sino Italian Ecological Building in Peking, the new Civic Offices in Bologna, the CSET Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies in Ningbo, China, the iGuzzini Illuminazione headquarters in Recanati, the Campidoglio 2 in Rome, the Villejuif-Leo Lagrange station of the Paris subway. In addition to his architectural design activities, Mario Cucinella devotes himself to the research and development of industrial design products and to teaching: he holds the position of visiting Professor at Nottingham University. Among his prizes, the Energy Performance+Architecture Award, the Special Award for the Environment from the Cityscape World Architecture Congress, Outstanding Architect Prize 2004 from the World Renewable Energy Congress and the 1999 Architecture Prize from the Berlin Akademie der Kunste.


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