Italian Pavilion



3,600 m2 Gross useable surface area

18 m Pavillion height

3 floors

20 functional modules of different shapes

7.000 mq exhibition space

1 central square

5 permanent rooms

3 permanent rooms

127 seat auditorium

2 restaurant

1 gift shop

Office spaces

VIP Room

3.774 trasparent panels – i.light® by Italcementi

500x1000x50 mm single-panels measures

189 tons of transparent cement

1,887 m², approximately 40% of the total envelope  of the Pavilion

3.000 The Italcementi Group team of researchers has worked every day since June 2008 to develop the new “transparent cement”

Italy at Expo 2010 Expo 2010 Virtual tour The Pavilion at 360°


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