MAXXI – National Museum of the 21st Century Arts



Type of construction: building on three levels
Construction materials: concrete, steel, glass
Facade materials: exposed concrete
Front color: light gray
Architectural style: modern deconstructivism

29,000 m2 Total site area19,640 m2 spazi esterni
21,200 m2 Interior spaces
10,000 m2 Display space
6,000 m2 Services (auditorium, library-video library, cafeteria, restaurant, etc.)
4,077 m2 MAXXI Arts
1,935 m2 MAXXI Architecture
113,000 m3 Total volume
22,90 m Maximum height

100,000 m3 Demolitions of existing structures
6,000.000 kg Structural steel
700,000 kg Steel roof trusses
50,000 m3 Site poured structural concrete
40,000 m2 Formwork area, of which 20,000 m2 expose
2,600 m2 Area of glass skylights

100 Number of people employed by the MAXXI
1.250.000 Hours of construction time

Enco Journal – the 3-SC concrete for MAXXI in Rome MAXXI – History MAXXI – The building site MAXXI – The Project

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